I started off my hairdressing career at Anthony Llobet in Barcelona. I had always looked at hairdressing as this amazing industry where colour, cutting and styling changed peoples lives. As we all know when you are happy with your hair everything goes right. So I was privileged enough to be trained under the watchful eye of Emma. I started off as all apprentices do shampooing and making sure the salon was tidy and ensuring clients were looked after. With Emma’s help I quickly learnt the ropes and felt at home very quickly. Emma also saw my potential and eagerness to get started as a junior stylist and encouraged me to bring in my friends as models so I could start learning the fundamentals of cutting and colour application. She was always very attentive and explained everything very well and this helped me to quickly become efficient in colour application and cutting. Within 6 months I was a junior stylist cutting men’s hair and applying root tints. This boosted my confidence and got me excited about moving onto female clients for cutting and styling and also every junior stylists nightmare… foiled highlights. Again Emma was a huge help teaching me techniques to make cutting and foiling easier and being very patient, as it would take quite a long time sometimes. She would also come in on her days off to help me with models. I have been hairdressing for almost 9 years now and owe her a lot for all the help and the opportunities I was given while working with her. I would recommend her to any would be hairdresser as she is amazing and you would learn so much!!!

(Beginners Course)